Media coverage

Isn’t it exciting to read your name in the newspaper? (Especially when you don’t have the budget to put a paid ad). Well, I get so damn kicked that I am going to list down all my favorites. Read on….

In one, ok two sentences, Shonali Muthalaly sold me my own treks: ‘Forget taking a flight to Dubai and shopping for Gucci at a plush mall. Going on a holiday, trekking, covered in grime and gasping for breath, is the new cool!’
India Today calls me the ‘Mountain man’ and creates an alter ego at par with the ‘stupendous man’.
My list of top 3 treks and 3 hill stations in the ‘other side’ of Himalaya
Soni Razdan cant help being philosophical as she writes about our trek to Miyar valley: “Purity is to be found only where angels... and tyres, fear to tread.”
Me and Rujuta spoke at the Hindu Litfest in Chennai about our travels in the Himalaya and The Hindu was there to cover it and write about it in flattering words.
Geetika Rustogi does a CWH 101 for lazy Sunday readers.
Not satisfied with just writing about CWH, Shonali travels with us to Rishikesh to ‘connect with nature and parts of yourself that you had forgotten’.
Akash Joshi gives a blow-by-blow account of his Pin-Bhabha trek to Spiti with us.